East Real Company Ltd (ERCOL) Terms and Conditions

Users of the website should note that the information given on ERCOL’s website can and will change from time to time, whether frequently or infrequently.  It is the duty of all users to pay particular attention to this dynamic environment.  ERCOL bares no responsibility for the change in information on a periodic basis in order to convey to users the best available, quality and accurate information at any given point in time.

Users are very much encouraged to verify any information on the website by contacting ERCOL as we take pride in answering your questions and understanding your comments for a better working relationship with you.


The description of listings, whether property or rentals, will change from time to time to reflect updates given by their owners or caretakers and from the real estate market.  ERCOL bares no liability for incorrect information provided by owners or caretakers but will seek to provide as timely and accurately, the quality and reliability of information needed.

Sale and rental will depend on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis and it is the responsibility of users of the website to pay particular attention to the status of the listings.  A contract must be signed in order for the sale or rental to be officially closed.


ERCOL does not necessarily reflect the views indicated by all of the advertisements on the website.  ERCOL bares no liability for the content of the advertisements and users should liaise with the providers of the advertisements for more information about their products or services unless ERCOL is working on behalf of the advertisers in which case this would be specifically acknowledge.

ERCOL wishes to inform users that the content of advertisements would be thoroughly reviewed before being placed on the website.

Website links

ERCOL will placed certain links to other websites just for further information and knowledge for our users.  However, ERCOL bares no responsibility for the accuracy of the content of information on these website links but encourages users to verify information by contacting the relevant website owners.